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Why Cowboy Logic?

I hope you enjoy this site.

I am sure it will evolve and change as time goes on, like the landscape and the many arroyos here in New Mexico. So why cowboy logic and how does it apply today?

Cowboy logic is an approach to reasoning concerning life and its toils and pleasures by people that that settled the American west. Because they were self-reliant and lived off the land, they developed an ability see a complex problem and break it down to simple parts and quickly categorize them as important or not. Important items fell into the “get er done” category and unimportant items turned into humor. Humor gives them relief from the tough life and served to keep the young’uns interested in learning. This logic generated principles sometimes called the Code of the West. Because it’s fundamentals are in tune with nature and the land, its applicable today.

A question I ask myself is, why do I have fond memories of those times on the farm, when, as a nuclear engineer, I have earned a hundred times more and with soft hands? I believe the answer is that we were working together to build something, without taking from, or walking on, anyone else. We all had chores and pitched in for the family (although it felt like slave labor at the time). We were optimistic that through hard work, tomorrow would get better. We socialized face to face while working and with family and friends on the weekends and holidays and although we were poor we never knew it and we had fun. TV was a source of relaxation after the work was done and not a device we revolved our lives around. Because we lived life, and saw it end daily (hunting and butchering) we knew that Hollywood was entertainment and not reality. The goal was to be a person one could count on. And if you broke the rules, lying about it would be much worse than just being responsible for the rule. My parents are gone now. The passing of my mother caused me to reflect upon her, my dad, and my life’s lessons. It is my responsibility to try and pass their learning’s and my experience on.

I’m very concerned about what I have seen happening throughout our nation. In three decades I have seen how we are perceived overseas change from admiration and awe to a perception of frivolousness, arrogance, greed, and corruption. I’ve concluded that our country, because of our wealth, has lost sight of what’s important and our generosity and work ethic has been replaced by jealously and a perception that certain work is beneath us.

Throughout my life and travels, I’ve leaned it is the people closest to the earth that have a better perspective on what’s important and how to get a job done. So I believe what this county needs is some good old cowboy logic to get us, the people, back on the right track. We need to focus on what’s important and laugh at one another and not be so darn serious about ourselves. So “Its all about horses, and cattle, and men, about the country, the work and the pride, and places were cowboys can still lean to lonesome and chinch up their saddles and ride.”

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